How to find trending products to sell on Amazon 2020.

Trending  Products to sell on Amazon 2020! 

Trending  Products to sell on Amazon 2020

In this post, I will discuss how to appraise current trending products on Amazon, whether to go after them and how to take extra steps to ensure your listing will be safe in the mid to long term. I also

discussed other topics like, for example, price gouging and why you have to be very careful with your new Amazon listing.

 Were looking out resistance bands last time. What is a trending product right now, and if we look at the figures, you'll see a ridiculous demand score there nine, but again don't worry too much about that. You'll see from the monthly revenue figures here that there are listings here with 0 reviews. You know 90,000 100,000, and you know a lot of you would have seen this coming anyway because with people at home ledger centers being closed and remember this is the fitness niche. What will apply to other places as well?

Wholly to be expected, and you can expect these monthly revenue figures to go down over time. That's true as well but let's have a look at one of the best-reviewed listings because those are the ones that will give us the most information about what was going on before all of this.

You see, the product's general price throughout last year was anywhere between say seven pounds and nine pounds on average. It has recently increased to 12 pounds, leading me to my first point. What Amazon did, and you may have heard about this has, especially in early March, is a clampdown on sellers' increase in their prices considerably to take advantage of the current situation. What is seen as unfair in law, so the way Amazon checked this? It would check your listing. First, we'll review the average price over some time. 

For example, for this product, the average price is usually nine pounds, and then they will allow a certain amount. For example, ten or twenty percent above is traditionally considered fair, and they won't ask any questions there. Still, there were listings, for instance, of related medical devices masks and so on where people have suddenly increased that price from say five pounds that had been the long-term price. They've been selling for 250 or even more, and without hesitation, Amazon just removed the listing. Sometimes even considered suspending the seller. That's what I've heard anyway. It didn't affect me directly. But be aware of this, if you were involved with anything like this and Amazon did give 

you some difficulty with your listing, you can appeal that right now.


So there will be an option in your seller account, and apart from that. Amazon generally looks at the niche and remembers all of these listings. They're different in terms of what's included in the listing. For example, it might be a different number of sets. It would be differences in quality. Some of them will be bundled with other products included, so Amazon can't say, look, there's an average price this should be selling.

 First and foremost, they're going to your listing. Why you're creating a new listing right now, especially in the high demand issue, should be quite smart. 

If you launch a new product, you will term of how you're pricing. 

It usually wants to sell at a significant discount break-even to get the ball rolling. When these niches, you don't need to do that right now. It would help if you sold it for what you're hoping to sell

the product for or even a little bit higher and gauge demand there.

Because remember that initial price potentially is what Amazon might use, if they feel that you're overcharging for the said product, shall we say, but I don't want to get into that too much, but be aware of that and be mindful of what I've said here? In terms of actually trying to check if some of these products were selling well before all of this. So another way you can do that is you can look at the ranking for that product. For the same effect, we can look at Amazon ranking, and right now is listed as actually one in this particular cut. Last year it was ranked reasonably high. Between the 20s and 30s, let's find another listing for comparison, perhaps one with fewer reviews. We see one an Elvia sport, and we have a look at their basilar ranking, and you'll notice it is the low price right now. In the 30s but previously last year, you know more like 400 to 500, and we could guess them just using that figure. How well it might do if things went back to normal so that figure there right now. Its basilar rank is thirty. Suppose we found an equivalent product with a bestseller rank of what this one had last year. So let's say in the 3 or 400 or maybe even this one with 583. You'll see that the product is still doing outstanding numbers in terms of monthly revenue. 


Remember, I said be careful with some of these listings because you might find some of them, Barra, making no sales. Some of them might find that they've increased that price or reduced that price down to zero. The sellers might be doing that because they've run out of stock, and they don't want anyone to jump on their listing. You can see the description of that listing. They've added an extra paragraph saying buy from such a seller, so they're making sure you don't believe any of the hijacker products. They're lower quality will reduce the product reviews will damage this listing long-term for the leading seller. I hope that makes sense any time I'm talking. If you're not following this and you have any questions, please comment below. 

 I see a niche like this. Let's say you ordered some resistance bands. Which a very light product very easy to ship. You can use air shipping. That would be my other tip right now if you're trying to get involved with a high demand niche. Shipping should be the way you do it because not only can you get things here quickly before you know, the niche might have changed in a couple of months completely. 

If you can't get products here for next week, that's to your advantage, and the other thing is with air shipping. You can restock quickly as well. If things are going well and you need to supply more, you can do that because you can limit your risk by ordering fewer units—some of these products are very likely to some of these resistance bands. You know the whole set you could probably buy for a dollar. It'll be that cheap right now, and you don't necessarily have to use the far-east you can support. You can find a supplier from anywhere in the world, even locally, if you wish but once you get the products there to Amazon, you can run sponsored advertising immediately. You have your product showing here right at the top, and if you priced it keenly. Shall we say?

 Maybe three or four pounds more than what you generally might expect in this niche will more than cover your sponsored ad costs.

Literally, from the first sale, you could be making a profit, which is a unique prospect on Amazon right now. That wouldn't be the case. It would take you time to rank your product for the long term. You expect to make profits, but initially, you might wish to break-even while you're rating your product. What is different right now is people are customers, and Amazon is ignoring the price right now. Buying whatever they can because of fear that some of these products will run out of stock. That fear is an advantage right now. 

If you know, everybody starts doing it, and it gets very competitive. Remember, your risk is limited to the number of items you purchased and any ad spend you have after that. Let's say you vote 500 of these, and you know you spend a few hundred US dollars on this. That's your risk, and if you've sold 80 percent of your inventory. Things were going well, and then things slowed down. What will likely happen is your sales will actually slow day by day, but very likely, you're still going to sell out of your stock. It's a decision you have to decide whether you sometimes restock even in reduced demand is worth filling because you're listing at that time will already have been doing well. It will already be well established with lots of reviews.


Another tip for you right now is the hijacking that's going on on some of these listings. People are just trying to get rid of some of their inventory. Perhaps on some of these listings, it's even more critical regardless of registering your trademark the actual products you pick.

 Have your name clearly as these people do on the product. You can see where they've made it very, very clear. if you're selling bands that don't have this written on them. Then you're going to run into trouble, so you'll find that these types of listings don't get hijacked, but some of these other ones were, for example. This one to show you where the products look quite generic is more likely to get a problem with hijackers, and you'll see this is the case right now. I didn't check this before, but I see a new 17 different sellers offering this product, which probably is, you know, an existing bundle that some of the suppliers on Alibaba already have sitting on the shelf. It's very easy to sell, but then you get into this price war where eventually nobody's making any money, and you don't want that because especially these bundles. The cost will be a lot more by private labeling if you've protected your listing, you've given yourself the opportunity things will increase the price of your listing ten or twenty percent in the future. You rest in the knowledge that any reviews you have for your product are reviews you've gained from your product. You're less likely to get negative reviews as well.

It's important right now to try your listing. You scroll down, and you'll see the products with more reviews. These are probably people who have learned their lesson, and they've private-labeled. A product very clearly on the home page with just their name on being honest with you rather than anything else fancy. It's even quite possible that customers are receiving these bands without anything because the pictures show it. You're protecting yourself from another hijacker considering your listing to sell their items. 

 Another tip for you right now if you're considering something like this is if you click here on Amazon Prime, you'll see that the listings down very quickly, and you'll see a lot less of the ones we just saw on the home page. This is the right page, and it's obvious why that is right now because sellers aren't able to get the stock to send to the fulfillment center. You're able to do that. You'll find your listings will do a lot better because people don't want their resistant bands at the end of May they

want them right now. The final thing I want to cover is how you know that your list of items will not run into problems. 

I could tell you right now resistance bands are never going to be a product. That has any issue. You know the kind of medical risks associated with these not there, but where you might run into trouble. Products like. For example, face masks and the reason for this are that many sellers won't be aware. Still, Amazon, I've restricted your ability to list products like face masks right now and teach my students if you're unsure, read through the literature, and read through the new lists of restrictive products on Amazon. 


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