MacBook buyers guide. Which MacBook Should YOU Buy in 2020.

MacBook is one of apple's most popular computer options, and we've written here in this buying guide.

MacBook is one of apple's most popular computer options, and we've written here in this buying guide. Before you buy a macbook you must read this post

MacBook Pro buying guide.

 I've been using one for about the last three years to run everything, whether it's a 13-inch MacBook Pro or a 16-inch MacBook Pro, so today, we're going to go through my buyer's guide.

After lockdown, people will start school, whether remotely

or in person, or you're going to start doing some more working from home.

Let's get straight to the apple sizing, so the first mac that we're going to talk about today is The brand new MacBook Air for 2020.

When it comes right down to it, I don't recommend the MacBook air 2020. The only way I would recommend this computer is if you're a student that gets that discount or one of the other categories. I forget all the classes that qualify for apple's deal. Still, if you are eligible for that discount and can get it for 899 dollars, I would probably recommend the bearish to the bare bones. This specific 1.1 gigahertz dual-core i3 processor comes with 8 gigabytes of ram 256 gigabytes of solid-state storage, the

magic keyboard the touch id retina panel. If all you're going to be doing is typing and browsing the internet, it's an okay computer. It's lightweight. The battery is pretty decent; the problem is going to run.

Heating it does not have a thermal performance in any way, shape form. If you're going to be doing anything that involves lots of tabs, any actual work like video editing, it can do video editing, as we've proved. It does have a fan, but the fan's not connected to anything, so I only recommend it if I only recommend the MacBook air. If all you're going to do is a type

and make a spreadsheet or two at a time. If you're doing multiple things, I do not recommend it and don't buy it at 999. Only buy it if you can get that cheapest version. It does have a higher-end ith a quad-core heck look you can even get an i7 processor in this thing like you can get an i7 look at that a quad-core i7 don't buy the quad-core i7 you're wasting. if you spend that kind of money, put a processor of that size in a machine that has heating problems, you're all the money this hundred and fifty dollars

you're throwing it away MacBook air let's move on from the MacBook air

So the next up is the computer we're using right now is the MacBook Pro 13 from 2020. It also has its fair share of thermal problems. It's not the best thermally optimized computer on the planet, but I recommend this one as the lowest end of the MacBook line. if you are looking to get some power usage out of it so we can go over to the text, oh, this one also has a 13-inch MacBook pro-1199 or education store get that one if you can now I use this lowest-end model, the 1.4 gigahertz quad-core with turbo boost up to 3.9 gigahertz, uh it does have eight gigabytes of ram 256-gigabyte solid-state drive um it's got the retina panel all of that stuff

If I were to buy this as my only computer and I was looking to save the most amount of money possible but get the best performance, I would get the base model with the 16 gigabytes of ram i. When I use this computer, yes, it will do the final cut fine. It will do premiere fine, but it only does one thing at a time. I can't have final cut rendering in the background and then browse the internet. It's just too much active memory needed for that, so at the very minimum, get the 16-gigabyte ram option. I know 200 bucks for eight extra gigabytes of ram expensive I mean it they call it the apple tax for a reason, but if you're going for the cheapest the fort to this 1499 version, probably where I would go, I will not get the quad-core i7 if you're going to get this base model MacBook pro 13. but if you do need a little more power and you want a MacBook Pro 13 with a bit of more oomph, then I would go up to the 1799 version, and in that base model, you get a 2.0 gigahertz quad-core i5, but this i5 is the 10th generation the newest generation of Intel chipsets whereas this the cheaper base model has an older version, but you get a couple other

benefits getting the 1799 model you get actual you get dual fans instead of just the single fan on here you also get four thunderbolts three ports as opposed to two thunderbolts three ports you get better speakers, and you can also upgrade it a little more if you want to


You can get things like a quad-core i7 that's the 10th generation i7. You can get up to 32 gigabytes of ram. You can also get up to a four terabyte solid-state drive, but okay, how much does this cost us? The team that'll run you about 3600, which okay. I would recommend this version if you have to have the most potent well-equipped most storage amount that you can get in a tiny laptop, then yes, get this version you can get. I'll show you here in a second you can get much more for your dollar thirty-six hundred dollars is it's a lot. I wouldn't spend this on a MacBook Pro 13. but if, as I said, if you can only carry this tiny amount around, then yes, I would say go ahead and get this one but let's say you need some actual

power your power user much like me. You got videos to edit, you've got photos to edit at the same time that the videos are rendering. You for a time, that's where the MacBook Pro 16 comes in, and yes, the MacBook Pro 16 is now there could be a refresh right around the corner in the fall sometimes, but I don't ever really recommend.

If you need a need now, buy what you need now because even if they refresh this, it's not going to be that big of an upgrade, so the 16 inch is insane, and I'm a massive fan of it. I use it in my work. It's

at the base model for 23.99, which also goes on sale. These go on sale all the time. Let's see if it's on sale right now. So let's see your MacBook

You could get the MacBook Pro 16, the one that we're about to talk about, for two thousand ninety-nine dollars, so heck, you can save 300 bucks off. What do you get for that 2099 dollars well, you get a standard six-core i7 processor, which is pretty darn powerful. You get a dedicated graphics card, an AMD Radeon pro 5300, with four gigabytes of memory. You get 16 gigabytes of ram 512 gigabytes of storage like that is a beefy system. You can get actual work done with this system like the base model 16, like when I say I like the base model MacBook Pro 13. It is a powerful computer. It does everything that I needed to do, but a few caveats' thermal performances of eight gigabytes of ram aren't enough. 

The processor is powerful, but it could do better. There's almost no downside for the base model 16-inch MacBook pro unless you have strict requirements, even I don't necessarily. I am looking to get like something that I have? Here are the personal specs that I have on my MacBook Pro 16, which brings me through everything handles all the work here on the channel doesn't ever really even break a sweat, so I have the MacBook Pro 16 with the intel eight-core i9 processor I have 32 gigabytes of ram. I have the Radeon pro 5500 just because it was 100 bucks.

If you're already buying the MacBook Pro, you might as well get the version with a little bit better graphics for 100 bucks. So that will run you around 3 500 or will it so welcome to the second part of the MacBook pro

buyer's guide buys refurbished, so let's check out.

 If you have to buy a new 2099 version on amazon, that is a good deal, but what I like to do, especially now that MacBook pro 16s show up here.

I buy my MacBooks refurbished, so MacBook Pro sizes 16-inch look at this, so it's not as impressive with that deal that you can get on amazon for brand new but let's go oh they don't have that many on the market today this refreshes all the time so right now it doesn't show everything. Still, I got mine, which you just saw that would cost around thirty-six hundred dollars.

I got that for around three thousand dollars, so keep pay attention to the refurbished market because you can find some fantastic deals here. I mean, heck, look if that sale does stop on amazon. There you can save your 360 bucks on the base model. Does this come with any upgrades, or is it just the standard base model uh 16 gigabytes 512? yep, this is the standard base model released in November. Let's see here, so what does this one get us the i9 eight-core. 

Let's see if we were going to spend the same amount that we talked about earlier, what would we get? We would get 32 gigabytes of ram the i9 four terabytes solid-state drive, and we would still get the Radeon pro 5500. So look, you should buy refurbished when you can, so those are my recommendations for each like system if you're looking for a specific computer.

 Recommend in specific like use cases. Need is just like running around

school laptops.  Get the MacBook Pro 13 the cheapest model, and if you can afford a couple of hundred extra dollars and give yourself a lot more capability, get that version with the 16 gigabytes of ram. If you only know for a fact that you're never going to do video editing or photo editing, the eight gigabytes ram is excellent.

If you're looking for more of a pro, the device you're trying to like you've got lots of photos, lots of videos that you're processing, or you.

I want something that could replace a desktop because of how well it works together and how well the thermals perform.

MacBook Pro 16 is such an easy recommendation because every great thing that I've said about the MacBook Pro 13 does better. I've never had a heating problem on the MacBook Pro 16. Everything good about the MacBook Pro 13 that does so much better standard comes with four thunderbolts three ports.

It can manage more monitors it can do everything better the only thing

that the MacBook pro 16 has, I guess that you could call a negative is it needs such a beefy power source that you pretty much have to use the

included power brick to get the full power out of it, so if you do, set it up like a home office doc. 

Most docs don't supply the power, and you will get like some battery drain as you're using it. Many people in the comments have told me

that they're perfectly fine with that, but it just plugs in. It's too easy to pack it in the right, and then work from home. You get you kind of can split the difference right if you're only going to be doing like meetings or facetime stuff the MacBook pro 13. I would do fine if you were doing things like coding or compiling. Yeah, go with the MacBook Pro 16. so yeah, this is my buyer's guide for Macbooks in the summer of 2020.

If you're working professional, or you stay at home all the time and check. Suppose you are looking to buy one of these machines and look to get some accessories to take it to the next level. 


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