12 Easy ways to market your business online for free

 12 Easy ways to market your business online for free

free ways to market your business online

12 Easy ways to market your business online for free

For many people and many businesses, the word 'marketing' conveys the idea of ​​expensive and overused marketing strategies. It is not expensive: there are many free ways to market a business. In this post, we share 12 things you can do right now to market your online business for free.

1. Take email data

Make sure you have a way to enter email data for website visitors. Combine the email subscription option on your site and start building customer data details.

You can then use this data to get various marketing incentives, such as email marketing, or create a custom audience on Facebook with targeted advertising.

2. Email marketing

You have a data list. Now you need to cultivate this data. Start by creating a free account with Mailchimp, then start distributing those emails.

Avoid overdoing it and always give something honestly to the recipients. Keep regular emails but never attack. Otherwise, people will call you out of the list faster than you would say 'digital marketing.'

3. Video Marketing

You can go crazy if you ignore the increase in video over the past five years and Jump on the bandwagon and start engaging in some video marketing.

Start by setting up a YouTube channel. You don't need to create Hollywood-esque movies - a simple video blog will do. If you tell something useful to say, then say it in the video. It also makes highly shared, marketable content - puts it on your website, takes you out of social media, and incorporates it into your emails.

4. Post to Facebook

There is no denying that social media is one of the most important marketing tools out there. And it's free. FREE. Focus on what works for your own business.

Facebook is a vital option for almost all businesses. Unfortunately, recent algorithm updates have made it more difficult for companies to get news feeds without pay. However, nothing is lost. Post regular updates - they are attractive and entertaining, don't promote too much, and have a genuine interest.

5. Collaborate with industry experts on Twitter Marketing

Twitter is not for everyone, but it carries many benefits. It's a great platform to engage with industry experts and customers, as it's a place where anyone can talk to anyone.

Respond to customer feedback, re-type the best user-generated content, and offer real input into industry conversations.

6. Create Instagram

A popular competitor among social media platforms, Instagram has a growing user base.

If your business will benefit from visible visibility, be sure to devote time to building a healthy Instagram account. Remember that it is a visual platform; carefully selected content that looks amazing is key.

7. Generate website traffic with Pinterest

Pinterest is not suitable for most businesses, but it can work well for others. The platform has a very high conversion rate by converting browsers into clients.

You can also download substantial website traffic and find out more about what your targeted users like.

8. Build your network on LinkedIn

If your business is a B2B company, make sure there is a strong presence on LinkedIn. And it's a great social media to build your network. The same rules apply to LinkedIn, like other social platforms - they involve the right people and provide real understanding.

9. Update your Google My Business listing

Review your Google My Business listings and check that all details are correct. Reset images to ensure that only your best side is shown.

Do the same with your local Bing and Yahoo listing. It's also valuable to build your Google updates, as they will help increase your rankings.

10. Google Analytics

Make sure you have Google Analytics linked to your site. It is a treasure trove of information, and make sure you spend some time getting your head around it all.

See how people interact with your site, point out pain points, and find the most popular pages. With this information, you can make thoughtful and informative changes and improve your site.

11. Update Google AdWords

Google AdWords is not free. It is expensive. But if you are already done with a PPC campaign, then you should take some time to review your strategy. Try writing some ads and improve your quality level to produce better results.

Saving a little time reviewing your campaign can save you a lot of money. For many of us, AdWords will cost a fortune, but if you are a charity, you can apply for a £ 10,000 Google Grant application for AdWords !.

12. Donate forums, blogs, and discussions

Part of marketing your online business is making yourself a reliable industry expert with a voice of authority. Build your power, take the time to contribute to relevant organizations, blogs, and social media.

Provide helpful insight and honesty and answer questions. People will appreciate your input and, by any chance, will convert the customer.


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