Duties and responsibilities of a student hole life.


Duties and responsibilities of a student's life in details description.

Here you will find a detailed description of students' duties and responsibilities in their whole life. 

**Students are the most important section of society.

**The first and foremost duty of a student is to study.
**Duties of a student in his family

**Why valuable is student life?

**Duties of a student In Education

**Duties of a student In population control and national building

**Duties of a student In politics

**Duties of a student to build health and character

Students are the most important section of society.

They can play a very important role as a voluntary association. This is the most selfless section of society. Students mainly study books for examinations. But they are social beings. They comprise a large portion of society. A normal human being must live in a society to lead a balanced and smooth life. Like other sections of the people, students enjoy certain rights and privileges of society. As members of society, they can not be indifferent towards their duties for society.

The first and foremost duty of a student is to study.

Besides this, every student should do some social work for the development of society. A student should have many qualities that will attract others to follow him. A student must be well-disciplined, well behaved. He should be upright and truthful in his activities. A student should try to develop his moral character. He/She should perform some social work to develop society. A student can play an important role to remove superstitions and social evils. We may call an ideal student when he or she will process the above qualities. He should also develop the habit of helping others. He must not be selfish. A selfish man is harmful to society. I, therefore, essentially, a student should learn how to fulfill the duties of an ideal student.

Duties and Responsibilities of a student

Why valuable is student life?

Student life is the most useful and valuable period in a man's life. This is the time when the seeds of a future life are sown. For this, it is called the sowing season in our life. During this period a student has to do certain things to be successful and happy in his future life. The principal duty of a student is to study and acquire knowledge of various things. He must study according to a routine. He has to be attentive to his studies and teachers. He should also read newspapers, magazines, literature, history, etc. A student should remember that character is the crown of a man, So, he has to cultivate good manners and other noble virtues. All moral qualities like honesty, modesty, truthfulness, discipline, perseverance, sincerity, punctuality must be acquired during this period. He should also render some services to his society and country. He should make the illiterate literate. He can make the farmers aware of the modern methods of cultivation. In population control, he can play a hygienic sense they cannot drive diseases. They are very dirty and can not follow the rules of good health. The students can do a lot in the field of health with their sincere efforts during vacation. They can impart the lessons of sanitation and hygiene. Even the girl students can teach the illiterate women folk in this field. By doing this students can play an important role to keep healthy. They can convince people to the utility of cleanliness.

The primary duty of students is to acquire knowledge. They are the prospective citizens of the country. They should equip themselves with the necessary information, which might enable them to play their roles. It is not desirable that they should waste their time, energies, and faculties in affairs other than education. But in backward countries students have to render certain services for their development and progress.

Duties of a student in his family: 

A student must obey and honor his parents. When they are sick, helpless, or old, he must serve them He should also be obedient to his teachers and other superiors. A student must not waste his time and energy. So, he must possess sound health by taking regular physical exercise and taking part in games and sports.

  • Friendly to your child.
  • Perfect guider. ...
  • Give time to your child.
  • Show empathy from the point of view of a child.
  • Give all-time support to your child.
  • Provide a home for the child.

Duties of a student

Duties of a student In Education:

Students should not shut up their eyes to society. They have many things to do. By rendering voluntary services they can enlighten people about their civic rights and responsibilities. They can also keep the people informed about the steps taken by the Government for the welfare of the people. They may come forward to remove illiteracy. The students can start to remove illiteracy opening night schools. They can teach the illiterate people during their vacation. Besides, when they go to villages, they can teach the rural folk. They can also contribute to Adult Education.

  • Obey the teachers.
  • Maintain discipline in the class.
  • Keep the school neat and tidy.
  • Greet everyone with a smile.
  • Be helpful.
  • Abide by the rules of the school.
  • Complete the assigned work on time.
  • Participate in the activities organized in the school

Duties of a student In the field of national health:

The role of students is important in the field of our national health. The people of our villages are not at all aware of even primary lessons of hygiene. A large number of people suffer from various diseases. Due to the lack.

Duties of a medical student:

They must perform activities, including pre-rounding on assigned patients, writing daily notes, and being present for both morning and afternoon rounds with the chief residents. The students should never use their personal telephone to contact the patients.

Duties of a student In population control and national building:

In undeveloped countries like Bangladesh, population problems are acute. All development programs are being disturbed by overpopulation. The people of our country are fatalists. They do not try to change their living condition. They think God is responsible for their condition. As a result, they suffer from unlimited problems. They don’t want to control the growth of the population. They don’t want to accept family planning. In this situation, students can make people conscious of their betterment. By doing this, they can help the national building.

duties and responsibilities of your student

Duties of a student In politics:

The students play an important role in political activities. A large portion of our population is illiterate. They are not always conscious of social responsibilities and civic sense. But students are very hardy for demonstrations for mass meetings, slogans, etc. 

Duties of a student In agriculture:

Being an agricultural country, Bangladesh depends on agriculture. Students can convince people of the utility of modern methods of cultivation. In this case, students can teach the illiterate farmers. They can help them actively to procure improved seeds from different centers of the Agricultural Development Corporation. They can show the use of fertilizers.

Duties of a student In natural calamities:

In times of natural calamities, students can perform wonderful works. They go in batches to distribute the medicines among the diseased. They collect voluntary donations from the rich people and distribute them among the famine-stricken people. During cyclones, they offer different types of voluntary services. They also play an important role in the development works and in the cultural fields.

In case of national emergencies like floods, tornadoes, storms, etc, he must not sit idle. He must extend his helping hands during these times. To reap the good and expected harvest of success in the future, a student must sow good seeds during his student life. Otherwise, it will bring him an utter failure, untold sorrows, miseries, and repentance.

Duties of a student to build health and character:

The duty of a student should not be limited to learning only. He should be neat and clean and take proper care of this health. He should read while it is time for him to read and he should play while it is time to play. This would make him wise and happy. He must build up his character. If the character is lost everything is lost. So he should give up the evil company and form good habits.

Duties of a student in social service on vacation:

He should also perform some social service during his vacation. HE can organize social service groups at his school to work differently. Thus, he can help the poor and the distressed.

The social service of the students brings a double blessing. One, it serves society and humanity at large. It also helps students with practical knowledge. They form a significant part of society. They can make some of the vital projects of the nation like Adult Education, Family planning, Grow-More Food campaign, Tree plantation, Canal digging and mass education successful.


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