What pictures will scare people into a healthy lifestyle?


What pictures will scare people into a healthy lifestyle?

Did you like a beacon? 

What pictures will scare people into a healthy lifestyle?

Guess what?

So do the animals who end up as bacon… Well, not exactly, but the photo you just saw is what they ground up and feedback to the hogs that they turn into the bacon you eat.

Have you lived near one of these farms where they spray the shit, yes, the feces that these poor animals have to excrete all over the rest of the farm? Do you think these farmers think about their neighbors?

This is one of the MANY issues Kip Andersen used to share his compelling message in the 2017 documentary What the health. You should watch it if you have Netflix.

Beyond this…

In the beginning, he talked about his family history and this picture has been a constant theme in my life recently.

This past year like many of my friends and people I’ve talked to, I’ve had a very hard year. I felt like my health was deteriorating and regardless of whatever effort I made to get back into shape (something I do every two years or so when I convince myself I have no time), I failed. Work has been more stressful than ever and I’m getting to the age where I’m starting to wonder “What have I done that’s made a life worth living?”

While it wasn’t JUST this picture or the initial picture I shared, but rather any picture reminding us that we’re going to die eventually reminded me that we need to use what time we have left more effectively — including living a more healthy lifestyle.

After MANY years of hearing about the Vegan lifestyle and even seeing good friends of mine like Jareb Steines who live it, I never could get myself to truly embrace it. While I would adjust little things in my diet and I’m Korean (so I eat a lot of vegetables), I enjoyed eating hamburgers and other forms of meat and loved having cheese in so many dishes.

One day a few months ago, I tripped over the documentary and it kept me watching for an hour and a half and other messages like this started to persuade me:

Even conservative-leaning Fox said:

I personally knew much of this to be true, but Andersen said he “had no idea that we ate affected cancer rates” and I think many deny it:

Part of it is because we don’t even know when we’re eating the stuff.

salami, ham, pepperoni, cold cuts and deli slices, and basically everything he was eating when he was growing up.

I started to look up my symptoms as of late and it looked like I might have prediabetes. Since every trip to the doctor's visit has disappointed me and usually cost me several hundred dollars per visit, I avoided making an appointment.

Instead, I continued to try and get in shape.

However, what I truly did was stopped eating meat. Moreover, I completely removed dairy and cheeses from my diet. For a good couple of months, most of these things that the documentary helped me understand were “dangerous” to my health were (mostly) gone.

Coincidentally, I started a new project after work to give me a little more hope about other prospects beyond my daily tasks helping me pay the bills. I’m not 100% if the two changes were the reason I feel MUCH better as of late, but I haven’t felt better. For the first time all year, I’ve had more energy and a mental outlook that’s been more positive than ever (or at least not as negative).

There was so much in the documentary that truly convinced me to make this life-altering change.

One last image that I formed in my own head was this:

Do you know what’s been squeezed out here? It’s pus. It’s truly gross. I almost started the answer with this image, but honestly, I have a hard time even looking at this now.

Guess what?

As Dr. Alan Goldhamer tells us around a 1/2 hour into the documentary, dairy products have a ton of animal pus in them. Specifically, he shares how much pus you may have per cc of milk:

This is probably what grossed me out to hopefully never eat any more yogurt or milk product unless I absolutely have to. I’ve been drinking soy and oat milk ever since I’ve watched this.

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